This website was designed, engineered, created, and built by one of our employees, BJ Lindholm.  In addition to the work he does for us, he also does other specialty work.  Feel free to visit him at

A great example of his work is the animated heading for this site.  For any techies reading this, it’s worth noting the entire animation was done with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  No JavaScript or any other scripting was used.  As a dual challenge, he wanted to see if it could be made to look great on a large screen (4K and larger) and at the same time make the graphics small enough to be efficient viewed on mobile screens (phones and tablets) too.  And he did it.  All the graphics and CSS coding would fit inside the memory (640K RAM, Random Access Memory) of the original IBM 5150 from 1981.  The total size of the graphics and coding for mobile devices is even smaller.  Under 100K for an average screen size, with the smallest screen graphic sizes taking up less than 50K.  Wow!  It looks great on a wall size monster TV and doesn’t use up an entire month’s download allocation on a mobile device.