What's the best way to contact us?

Sacramento Region: 916.273.9988
Nevada City / Grass Valley / Penn Valley / Auburn: 530.265.4885
Nationally: 866.600.0702

Mail; 3775 Industrial Blvd. #981182; West Sacramento, CA 95798

What about the physical address?  See the below section: Where is our office…

Our primary contact information is on the main menu at the top of every webpage on our site. Additional contact information is on the Contact Us webpage.

For new clients, we’d recommend a good ‘ole fashion phone call. It’s the fastest way speak to a local technician and get your problem solved quickly.

If you’re a current client with a service need or an emergency, call the direct phone number for your regular technician. The phone will ring first at the technicians desk. And if they’re not there, our phone system will route you through to their cell phone.

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Where is our office?

We closed it.  That sounds bad on the surface, but it isn’t.

Before the COVID thing, it was rare that any clients ever came by our office.  Because 99.9% of the time we go our client’s offices, to job sites, or work remotely.  Even our own employees only came into the office on rare occasions.  It wasn’t uncommon for no one to be there for more than a week (we learned our lesson on plants and switched to plastic ones).

So when all the COVID stuff happened, it gave us an excuse to close our physical office.  Our employees are now based out of their homes which range from Penn Valley to Nevada City and Auburn, down to Roseville and the Sacramento region.  Some even reside in other countries.

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