Full Spectrum Computer & Network Solutions provides Computer Services and IT Support for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Serving the Sacramento Region for a Quarter of a Century


Remember: We do a bunch of other stuff besides 'fixing computers'. So if you can't find what you're looking for on this website, please give us a ring or send us a message.

Computer and IT Solutions for Small and Medium Size Businesses.

What does every business want from its IT Infrastructure?

Reliability ▪ Functionality ▪ Dependability
You need to be able to concentrate on your business without worrying.
FSCNS offers more than just technical support.  We also provide our clients with guidance, understanding, and many other intangibles other computer service companies don’t consider. For the myriad of solutions we can provide for your businesses, please check out all of the Services & Products we offer.  And as always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a ring or send us a message.
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FSCNS makes Computers and IT Infrastructure work for you.

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Do you own or manage a small or medium size business?

Office ▪ Commercial ▪ Industrial ▪ Manufacturing ▪ Farm
Single Location ▪ Multiple Branches ▪ Remote Workers
Rural ▪ Suburban ▪ Urban ▪ Metropolitan
Discover whether we're a good match for each other.

Our clients are very important to us.  They are the reason FSCNS exists.

From Attorneys, Accountants, Doctors, Pharmacists to Wine Makers, Farmers, Government Agencies and all sorts of other commercial, research, and manufacturing companies, FSCNS handles a wide range of industries.  Whatever your business is about, our primary focus is making it work for you.  And with our vast array of skill sets and experience, we’re the right company for your computer and IT needs.

Please explore more, In Regards to You, and find out if we’re a good match for each other.

Help from experienced people when you need it.

Who do you want to help your business with IT Support?

Friendly People ▪ Knowledgeable Staff ▪ Tech Experts
FSCNS has experienced personnel to help you.

FSCNS is very familiar with the unique needs of business clients.  Our staff is proficient, experienced, and well trained in wide range of technologies and other vocations.

Current FSCNS clients have their tech’s direct line and personal email address.  For information, answers to questions, or if your a new client, give us a ring or send us a message.

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For additional information, please head over to About Us and learn more.

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Learn more about FSCNS to see if we're a good match for each other.

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What should a good Computer and IT Services Company offer?

Computer Services ▪ Networking ▪ Security ▪ Mobile Device Expertise
Servers ▪ Web Servers ▪ Databases ▪ E-Mail ▪ Virtualization ▪ Programming
Websites ▪ Private WIKIs ▪ Voice Over IP (VoIP) ▪ Surveillance ▪ VPNs
Windows ▪ Linux ▪ Android ▪ DOS ▪ Routers ▪ Firewalls ...and much, much more.
The FSCNS staff has a vast array of skills to help your business succeed.
FSCNS provides everything a small or medium size business could want from a Computer Services and IT Support company.  There’s way too much stuff to list here. Please take a look at the Services & Products FSCNS offers and the Other Stuff we provide for more details.  And as always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a ring or send us a message.

FSCNS for Mobile Users

Why look at a website on a phone instead of a computer?

OK... We get it. Convenience if you don't have the choice.
FSCNS has designed this site for big monitors (because that's who views it the most).

Viewing for mobile devices is far more limited than that of computers with full size monitors, we have included this additional section.  This is because many features of this website have been disabled for mobile devices.  In order to be as inclusive as possible, this section has been added for mobile users.

Please take a look at the Services & Products FSCNS offers and the Other Stuff we provide for more details.  And as always, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a ring or send us a message.

IMAGE - Mobile phone user holding oversized mobile phone while gesturing in an effort to make people realize the FSCNS.com website is better viewed on a real computer rather than a mobile device, as are most websites.

AKA, Pandering to Search Engines

IMAGE - Instructor with pointer gesturing towards the letters SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) in an effort to pander to Google, Bing and other Search Engines

Should a section about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be here?

In a word: YES! (Because we want this website to be ranked high, so you'll find it)
Keywords and Synonyms are Important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here’s an example…  According to research, most people search for the term ‘ Computer repair near me ‘ even if they’re looking for something more than computer repair.  As it turns out, the search begins with ‘ Computer Repair ‘ and Search Engines add the ‘near me’ phrase.  Those two terms account for well over 50 percent of searches when someone is really trying to find IT Support.

Beyond that, there are other terms like ‘ Computer Store ‘, ‘ Desktop Computer ‘, and even questions like ‘ Help me fix my computer ‘.

Back to ‘ IT Support ‘, there are a number of phrases that are popular, including ‘ IT Support Specialist ‘, ‘ IT Support Services ‘, ‘ Support Technician ‘, ‘ IT Support Company ‘, ‘ Business IT Support ‘ (and of course variations like ‘ IT Support for Business ‘ and ‘ IT Support for Businesses ‘.

A noteworthy statistic is that a whopping number of people, to the tune of almost 20 times, search for ‘ Computer Repair ‘ instead of ‘ IT Support ‘, even though they’re really looking for ‘ IT Support ‘.  We included the fact we do ‘ Computer Repair ‘, even though it represents only a very small portion of what we do, for the purpose of having the ‘ Computer Repair ‘ term included on this website.  So in order for you to even see this website, the term ‘ Computer Repair ‘ needs to be included.

It’s also worth noting Search Engines are case-insensitive, so terms like ‘ IT Support ‘ and ‘ it support ‘ are equivalent.

On the humorous side of things, there are a plethora of websites that offer to “…find keywords” for you (AKA “synonymish” words and phrases.  The funny part is that they refer to them as Keyword Generators, but then they provide Keywords (plural).  That’s probably just another English language fluke like “haircut”, when in reality, it should be referred to as a “hairscut”.  After all, who gets just a single hair cut?

There, that covers it. 

Wait, not yet.  Things are never finished.  Forgot that Computers are also referred to as a ‘ PC ‘ or the plural, which is ‘ PCs ‘.  And just for good measure, lets add the word ‘ IBM (as in International Business Machines ) ‘, the maker of the PC.  And laptops are PCs too, so include that term.  And who makes PCs and software for them.  Microsoft, Dell, HP (Hewlett Packard, partially previously Compaq), Lenovo, sure Apple too, and what about the old ones like Packard Bell, Gateway.

Right next to the term service is ‘ shop ‘ and ‘ store ‘, along with ‘ location ‘.

For you the reader, this was an abbreviated lesson on Search Engine Optimization.  For Google, Bing, Yandex, and other Search Engines, these are a bunch of keywords that will now included in a database that their search algorithms utilize and return results to you.

Please keep in mind, this section is at the end of the page for a reason.  It really isn’t directly important in terms the services we can provide to you and your business.  It’s about pandering to the Search Engine algorithms, so you have the opportunity to visit our website.  That’s how it works.  The difference with us, compared to other companies and their websites, is that we explain what’s going on.  We also do that for our clients when providing services to them because it makes people feel better to know what’s going on.

This section got put at the end because it’s just a bunch of keywords.  It was worth putting in as a demonstration of the wide range of words and phrases people use and Search Engines have associated (IE, made an educated guess about) with what people really want when they’re searching for something;

Keyword, computer repair near me reviews, computer repair in my home, repair pcs, computer help at home, in home computer repair services, best computer repair software, computer and repair near me, geeks computer repairs, how to repair a, geeks to you brisbane, repair game online, computer repair jasper georgia, computer repair shops in fort wayne, laptop computer repair services near me, computer service and repairs, scottsdale computer repair, computer simulator, computer fixed, mobile computer repair, apple computer repair near me, pc repairs, hp computer repair, computer repair technician training, how to fix your computer, best computer service near me, home computer repair near me, online computer repairs, local laptop repair shops, local computer repair, laptop reparatur in meiner nähe, laptop fixing repair near me, computer fix near me, computer repair shop, geeks to you sydney, computer repair near my location, computer repairs at your home, fix computer, laptop repair shop near me, lenovo s, fix computer problems, repair pc, pc fix, how to fix a computer, geeks to you melbourne, how to repair, repair computer, computer reparatur, tools for computer repair, dell, best buy repair service, computer repair store, computer service near me, computer reparatur in der nähe, pc repair shops near me, laptop repairs, ubreakifix prices, pc repair nearby, pc service, computer repair services, local computer repair shops near me, fix my pc, computer repair near me zip code, pcsupport, repair your computer, laptop repair shops near me, best buy computer repair, computer geeks near me, computer technician near me, computer service, computer help, computer help near me, geeks to you, pc reparatur, pc repairs near me, computer repair shop near me, in home computer repair services near me, laptop repairs near me, pc reparatur in meiner nähe, pc repair near me, fix my computer, computer services near me, computer repairs, laptop repair near my location, computer repair shops near me, computer shops near me, computer shop near me, repairs, laptop repair, lenovo usa, how to fix, startup repair, computer repair services near me, computer repairs near me, pc repair, laptop repair near me, microsoft free computer repair downloads, computer repair near me, lenovo

Look at all of those search terms that are Search Engine ‘equivalents’ / ‘pseudo-synonyms or pseudo synonyms’ for ‘ Computer Repair ‘.  It even includes misspellings.  The above list includes other languages too, so don’t think those are misspellings.

Oh, wait, still not done.  There’s the a fore mentioned ‘ near me ‘ term, with synonyms like ‘ around here ‘, ‘ nearby ‘, ‘ close by ‘, ‘ close to me ‘, ‘ local ‘, etc.

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