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Contact Us via Phone

A phone call is best way to get your problem solved fast.

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IMAGE - Phone Number for FSCNS.com (without the Phone Number included in the ALT Text, because it would be harvested by SpamBots.  Instead it includes this fake Phone Number of 555.555.5555)

The above phone numbers are the public FSCNS numbers. And sadly, there’s a voice menu that must be navigated. But don’t worry. It’s only one level deep, with a couple of options.

Once you’re an FSCNS Client, you’ll have access to your own technician via their direct line. No voice menus to navigate and no operator as an intermediary. You have a direct communication line to your technician.

For additional contact information, scroll down to the E-Mail Section↷ or Mail Section↷.

Contact Us via E-Mail

Emails are great for detailed information.

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For new clients, we’d recommend a good ‘ole fashion phone call. It’s the fastest way speak to a local technician and get your problem solved quickly.

If you’re a current FSCNS client with a service need and email is great.  But if there’s an emergency, it’s better to call your technician on their direct line.

We used to have a contact form to fill out, but literally out of every 100 messages, only one was legitimate. The rest were spam. So we took it away.

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Contact Us via Mail

We love getting checks in the mail. : )

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IMAGE - Mailing Address for FSCNS.com (without the Mailing Address included in the ALT Text, because it would be harvested by SpamBots)

We don’t use mail for much these days.  But for sending checks to us, it’s the best way.

Service Regions

We service clients in the Sacramento, CA region and many other areas.

Sacramento Region

Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, Rocklin, Citrus Heights, El Dorado Hills, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, Lincoln

Gold Country

Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn, Placerville, Forest Hill, Colfax

Bay Area

Vallejo, Dublin, Concord, Walnut Creek, Danville

Wine Country

Napa, Sonoma, Petaluma, Santa Rosa

Other Cities

Davis, Woodland, Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield

Rural Areas

Clarksburg Area, Rancho Murieta Area, Yolo County, San Joaquin County

Distant Lands

Auburn AL, Vancouver WA
The Imperial Valley CA

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Social Media

We don't have much of a use for social media.

IMAGE - Social Media Person Juggling the Similarly Useless Social Media Websites to See Which Will Crash to the Ground First - About Us Page - Social Media Section - 1K PixRes - from FSCNS.com

It’s almost obligatory to have a presence on social media sites these days.  So we do it just to be there.  But guess what?  All you’ll find at those sites are referrals back to this site.

Where is the FSCNS Office?

It's nowhere. We closed the office.

IMAGE - Where is the FSCNS Office Search Person in Search of the Full Spectrum Computer & Network Solutions Office in a Sherlock Holmes Pose ( minus the hat and pipe ) - About Us Page - Where is the FSCNS Office Section - 1K PixRes - from FSCNS.com

Closing an office sounds bad on the surface, but it isn’t.

Before the COVID thing, it was rare that any clients ever came by our office.  Because 99.9% of the time we go our client’s offices, to job sites, or work remotely.  Even our own employees only came into the office on rare occasions.  It wasn’t uncommon for no one to be there for more than a week (we learned our lesson on plants and switched to plastic ones).

So when all the COVID stuff happened, it gave us an excuse to close our physical office.  Our employees are now based out of their homes which range from Penn Valley to Nevada City and Auburn, down to Roseville and the Sacramento region.  Some even reside in other countries.

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Meet the FSCNS Team

The Full Spectrum Team is comprised of many people from around the world.

Our primary staff is located in the Sacramento, CA region.  We also maintain a network of private consultants that are brought in on projects requiring specialty expertise.

IMAGE - BJ Lindholm of the Full Spectrum Computer & Network Solutions Team - About Us Page - Meet the FSCNS Team - 512 PixRes - from FSCNS.com
...pondering a complex computer issue during liunch.
BJ Lindholm
The Experter
(A wide array of expertise)
IMAGE - David Goldkind of the Full Spectrum Computer & Network Solutions Team - About Us Page - Meet the FSCNS Team - 512 PixRes - from FSCNS.com
...quality is job 1.
David Goldkind
The Qualifier
(Quality Management)
IMAGE - Aaron Rutledge of the Full Spectrum Computer & Network Solutions Team - About Us Page - Meet the FSCNS Team - 512 PixRes - from FSCNS.com
...coding is great!
Aaron Rutledge
The Programmer
(SQL, PHP, etc)
IMAGE - Weston Strawser of the Full Spectrum Computer & Network Solutions Team - About Us Page - Meet the FSCNS Team - 512 PixRes - from FSCNS.com
...where's my phone?
Weston Strawser
The Mobilizer
(Mobile Technologies)

We don’t put much credence in titles, so ours are a bit tongue in cheek and over the top.  We believe the quality of our work and how we care for our clients represents us best.

For more information about our team members, hover over their picture and select one of the LinkedIn or other Links.

Some of our other members include: Darwing Camacho (AutoCAD, Revit, and other Graphic Design Software), Aurora Lindholm (Office and Clerical), Jana Burnett (Public Relations)

AKA, Pandering to Search Engines

IMAGE - Instructor with pointer gesturing towards the letters SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) in an effort to pander to Google, Bing and other Search Engines

Should a section about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be here?

In a word: YES! (Because we want this website to be ranked high, so you'll visit it)
Keywords and Synonyms are Important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

And here it is again, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) stuff.  And it’s for real in that we’re not just Spamdexing (really, it’s an actual term).  We really do serve all of the below regions.  In the below list, we’ve included all of the cities (sourced from Counties.org, thanks Counties.org), towns, regions, and even zip codes (sourced from Zillow.com, thanks Zillow) of the regions we serve.  Keep in mind, we don’t have, nor have we had clients in all of the below zip codes, but we’ve driven through all of them on the way to other clients.  And we do apologize for not including some of the smaller Census-Designated Place(s).

Sacramento County: Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Isleton, Rancho Cordova, and Sacramento – 95823, 95630, 95624, 94509, 95758, 95608, 95828, 95670, 95757, 95843, 95610, 95822, 95831 ( Fruitridge Pocket (AKA The Pocket ), 95628, 95621, 95835, 95833, 95826, 95821, 95838, 95820, 95825, 95632, 95660, 95842, 95662, 95824, 95834, 95815, 95829, 95864, 95827, 95818, 95841, 95819, 95816, 95673, 95742, 95817, 95832, 95814, 95626, 95811, 94571, 95683, 95693, 95655, 95638, 95830, 95690, 95615, 95652, 94512, 95641, 95837, 95686, 95609, 95611, 95639, 95671, 95680, 95741, 95743, 95759, 95763, 95812, 95813, 95840, 95852, 95851, 95853, 95866, 95865, 95867, 95894, 94203, 94205, 94204, 94207, 94206, 94209, 94208, 94229, 94211, 94232, 94230, 94235, 94234, 94237, 94236, 94240, 94239, 94244, 94245, 94248, 94247, 94250, 94249, 94252, 94256, 94254, 94258, 94257, 94261, 94259, 94263, 94262, 94268, 94267, 94271, 94269, 94274, 94273, 94278, 94277, 94280, 94279, 94283, 94282, 94285, 94284, 94287, 94289, 94288, 94291, 94290, 94294, 94293, 94296, 94295, 94298, 94297, 94299, 95860, 94246, 94253, 94286, 95857, and 95887

Yolo County: Clarksburg, Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland –  95616, 95691, 95695, 95620, 95618, 95776, 95605, 95694, 95423, 95627, 95612, 95645, 95607, 95937, 95698, 95637, 95606, 95617, 95653, 95679, 95798, 95799, 95899, 94243, and 95697

Placer County: Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, and Roseville – 95648, 95747, 95678, 95765, 95661, 95603, 95746, 95677, 96161, 95602, 95650, 95713, 95626, 95658, 95722, 95668, 95631, 95634, 96143, 95663, 96145, 95703, 96140, 96146, 96148, 96141, 95701, 95681, 96142, 95715, 95717, 95714, 95604, 95736, and 95728

Nevada County: Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Truckee, and Rough and Ready – 95945, 95949, 95959, 96161, 95602, 95946, 95975, 95977, 95960, 95724, 95712, 95924, 95986, 96111, 96160, and 96162

Yuba County: Marysville and Wheatland – 95901, 95961, 95692, 95918, 95977, 95903, 95960, 95962, 95935, 95919, 95922, 95972, 95981, 95925, and 95941

Outbound Links also help with Search Engine Indexing, so we included lots of those here too.  And remember, this isn’t just about getting our site to rank higher with Search Engines.  It’s also a live educational tour for our clients to see some of the ‘behind the scenes’ things.  IE, we’ve made this part of Search Engine Optimization very obvious on this website, plus we’ve documented this as a living / live example of SEO.  All of the links are useful and pertinent, again, we’re not just Spamdexing.

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